Some Fun Apps to Have on Your Phone

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Have you recently bought a new phone? Or your first-ever phone? Well, congratulations! Here are some apps you need to download as a treat for yourself. These apps will help you in different ways; whether it is entertainment, education, staying fit, or any other thing you need help with, these apps are going to be like your best friend from now on.


No targeted ads, no biased results, and complete privacy are the qualities that define an ideal browser. And if you are looking for one to have on your phone, DuckDuckGo is the way to go!

This dynamic privacy app helps protect your online activities and offers seamless protection from all kinds of third-party trackers. You get a new browser every day that shows search results without giving any biased suggestions. Overall, this is an amazing app to have on your phone to keep your online activity encrypted.

Speaking of online security, another thing you might consider is having a reliable and secure internet service that has its own security suite. We would suggest Xfinity Internet for that as you would not only be getting a superfast service with it but also complete protection for your online activities.


Duolingo is the world’s most popular language-learning app. This app makes learning new languages fun yet effective. Plus, there is a Duolingo English test that allows you to test your language skills and get a certificate based on it. In addition, the great part is that thousands of institutes accept the certification across the world.  So, start learning a new language with the bite-sized fun lessons offered by Duolingo and flaunt your language proficiency!


LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented app that helps professionals from all around the world and belonging to various fields interact with each other and grow their social circle. It helps job hunters find their ideal jobs, and businesses hire the right employees. You simply create your profile as you would create your CV and start growing your network, interact with professionals in your field, apply for your desired jobs, and learn what’s going on in the business world.


Snapchat is an instant messaging and multimedia app that allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones. You can send them your real-time snaps, make an audio/video call, keep your memories safe, and chat under private windows. It has many built-in fun filters to make your photos look aesthetic, goofy, and catchy. A fun app to have on your phone!


What should I cook today? If it sounds like a question, you come across every single day, and then download this amazing app. It offers access to tons of amazing homemade recipes. You can find something new to cook each day or share your own unique recipes with the rest of the Cookpad community. Definitely a tasty app to have on your phone!

Adidas Running

Whether you are a fitness freak or someone thinking of jumping on the fitness bandwagon, you must know the wonders running can do for you. With its customizable plans, running maps, and fun challenges, Adidas Running will help you reach your fitness goals. This app has a free version as well as a paid premium membership. The free version offers all the required features, such as real-time GPS tracking, distance measurement, calories burned, average speed, and heartbeat data. The premium version allows users to delve deep into the detailed stats. Overall, Adidas Running is a really useful app for achieving your fitness goals.


We all do some mindless scrolling on Instagram and Facebook every now and then. But what if we tell you about an app that is not only fun but informative at the same time? Yes, we are talking about the Brainfood app. This app offers animated lessons on various topics such as the workings of the human immune system, human psychology, and much more. Plus, it is completely free to download! That sounds like a pretty good deal!


Successful people are simply those with successful habits. If you want to be successful, start building good habits. And if you want someone to keep you accountable for your daily progress on your target habit, then done is the perfect app for you. It is like a digital to-do list that helps plan your tasks, schedule important events, set goals, track your daily habits, analyze your progress, and stay focused. The flow timer allows you to break your time-consuming tasks into chunks. So you can focus on your work while the app will remind you when to take a break in between. A great productivity app to have on your phone.

Wrapping Up

From planning your everyday tasks to keeping yourself fit, there is an app for everything. Above, we have mentioned some cool apps you need to have on your phone to make your life more fun and productive. So, download them and start feeling the difference!

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