How many types of figures are there?

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How many types of figures are there?

Figures originated in Japan, where the anime culture is highly developed. Many classic works have their own character images, leading to the popularity of figures Initially, figures primarily featured superhero themes such as “Superman” and “Spider-Man,” but gradually expanded to various fields including animation, comics, and games. Today, figures have become a massive industry covering a wide range of characters and series.

The types of figures are diverse, and they can be classified into the following categories based on different materials, production techniques, sizes, styles, etc.:


GK figures refer to resin model kits made by anime enthusiasts themselves. They are usually unpainted and require buyers to assemble and paint them on their own. GK figures are characterized by their rarity and high prices. The production process of GK figures is complex, and they are produced in very limited quantities. When acquired, they are in a semi-finished state and require a series of processes including repair, polishing, assembly, adjustment, painting, etc., before they can be considered as finished products.

  1. Action Figure

Action figures have a broad definition, and the boundaries with many finished models are often blurry. They are essentially Action and made of the same materials, but one falls into the category of models, while the other falls into the category of figures.

Many parts are replaceable, enhancing playability! Additionally, materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plastic used in these figures are more durable compared to resin, making them the most widely consumed series. Currently, many games have released ,such as Genshin Impact action figure and “Bubbly Seahorse”  action figure being particularly popular among players!

The most well-known Action figures are probably MaxFactory’s figma series and BANDAI’s SHF series. Among them, the SHF Paimon Figure, crafted beautifully, is worth purchasing.


PVC plastic material pre-painted figures are easy to mass-produce, making them much cheaper compared to GK figures, significantly lowering the threshold for collecting figures. Although they may not achieve the same level of perfection in detail as GK figures, efforts are made to ensure that the sculpting and painting are as meticulous as possible. As a result, they have a commanding presence when displayed.

  1. Blind Box

I’m sure you’re all familiar with blind boxes, right? In recent years, the popular game Genshin Impact has released Paimon blind box and Aranara blind box . The items are placed in a paper box, with the styles that may appear inside indicated on the box. It gives a feeling of drawing lots, and some blind boxes contain a small number of hidden styles, which are not publicly announced. The records of these hidden styles are also lower than those of regular styles.

Maintenance precautions for figures

Many people’s childhoods were spent immersed in countless animations. Some believe in the power of light, some aspire to the dreams and friendships in “One Piece,” some hope to gain courage from “Dragon Ball,” and some even find philosophical insights in anime. For many, anime isn’t just a part of childhood; it represents ideals and serves as a guide in life.

Due to their love for anime characters, many otaku will purchase figures of their favorite characters based on their own preferences and circumstances.

Rather than considering figures as mere toys, they are more like shared memories of embarking on adventures together. However, many people are unclear about how to properly maintain figures. So, let’s explore the correct methods for maintaining figures together!

  • Avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to damp places for figures. If possible, it’s best to place them in a glass cabinet or display box to prevent dust from entering.
  • Do not use chemical solvents or alcohol to clean figures.
  • Every 4-5 months, place them in the refrigerator’s preservation compartment for 15 minutes to cool down.
  • The distance between figures should not be too close, ideally 3-5 centimeters apart.

That’s all for the tips on maintaining figures. If you’re interested, feel free to discuss further.

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