Vastu consultant in Kolkata lists the energy fields in north and east sides of the vastu purush mandala!

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In the words of vastu consultant in Kolkata the role of all 45 energy fields of vastu purush mandala is immensely important. It spreads over the entire portion of the vastu and it is challenging to cover them all in one go. 

So, today we will cover the 16 energy fields that are covered in the north and east sides of the outer layer of vastu. Vastu consultant in Kolkata will explain the features of these energy fields one by one. So, let us get, set, go! 

We will begin with the north zone and will gradually move to the south east side and covering north east and east zones in between. 

In the North Zone, we have the following 4 energy fields.

1.   Mikhya – The Taskmaster: This is the dwelling zone of lord Vishwakarma, the deity of skills and tools. This energy bestows energy to accomplish any intended tasks. This field can be the powerhouse for those seeking productivity and efficiency in their endeavors.

2.   Bhallata – Abundance and Fulfilment: It represents abundance, and it has the potential to unlock significant wealth and fulfilment in any work. The energy of this field resonates with prosperity and success and can be used for gaining growth in personal and professional lives.

3.   Soma – Elixir of Life: This energy field is in the abode of Lord Kuber. So, Soma is associated with the elixir of life as it brings wealth. It is particularly advantageous for business owners, because it offers a stream of prosperity. They can take their business to next level with Soma energy. 

4.   Bhujanga – Healing and Immunity: The Bhujanga field represents medicine and treatment, and it can provide a healing touch and immunity to ward off illnesses. By utilizing its benefit, you can make it a protective shield for the occupants, vastu consultant in Kolkata adds.

You can find the following 4 energy fields in the North-East Zone

1.   Aditi – The Motherly Abode: Aditi is dedicated to the goddess mother of all devas, who offers safety and confidence. Its energy provides a secure foundation for the occupants.

2.   Diti – Clarity of Mind and Wealth: Diti energy field is dedicated to the deity mother of all asuras, who brings foresight, wealth, and clarity of mind. This energy can be your a guardian force and helps you in decision-making and also financial endeavors in life.

3.   Shikhi – Fire Element for Ideation:  as the term indicates, this energy field is associated with fire and is attributed to Lord Shiva. It can fuel the potential to bring ideas to life by igniting creativity and innovation.

4.   Parjanya – Blessings of Rain: Parjanya energy channels the blessings of rain, and it also symbolizes fertility and fruitful outcomes for any intended task. As per vastu consultant in Kolkata, it can yield positive results for any work undertaken in its influence.

East Zone has the following 4 energy fields:

1.   Jayanta – Determination in Practical Life:  Jayanta energy is all about determination that you needed to carry out tasks in practical life. It overall contributes significantly towards shaping the future. It empowers individuals to overcome challenges and given them confidence.

2.   Indra or Mahendra – Senses Under Control: This energy field gives you gain complete control over your senses, and thus directs you towards fruitful work. It can aid in gaining concentration and ensures a focused approach to tasks.

3.   Ravi/Surya – Solar Energy for Activity: as the name itself makes it clear, this energy field is symbolic to the Sun. The Ravi/Surya provides the energy required to carry out activities. It can bless you with foresight, enabling you to analyze any given situation and tasks comprehensively to find the best solution.

4.   Satya – The Beacon of Righteousness:  Satya energy embodies righteousness, generating good thoughts and morals in your mind. This energy promotes ethical conduct and positive actions in the pursuit of goals. Failure to use this energy field properly can have some side effects, says vastu consultant in Kolkata.

At last, we are at the South-East Zone, where we find the following 4 energy field. 

1.   Bhrisa – The Triggering Energy:  Bhrisa provides the energy and force that initiates action. It acts as a catalyst that causes progress and momentum in various endeavors in life.

2.   Akasha – Creating Opportunities in the Sky: This energy field is the representation of the sky or space element, and thus it creates opportunities. This can pave the way for the success for any work or activities undertaken under its control.

3.   Anila – Support from Vayu God and Fire Element: Anila energy is associated with the Vayu god and it offers support and energy to uplift the results of any task. This has been undertaken as a driving force for accomplishment in life.

4.   Pusa – Nourishing Strength and Energy: Pusa represents nourishment, and thus it is needed in every vastu for providing strength and energy to carry out tasks successfully. Its influence is also needed to ensure sustained efforts end up in positive outcomes.

We will be back with other 16 energy field lying in the outer layer of vastu purush mandala in the south and west directions. 


Understanding the intricate interplay of these 16 energy fields in the north and east zones of the Vastu Purush Mandala is crucial for creating a harmonious living or working environment. We can use the best of them by aligning ourselves with these energies. Only the right set of guidelines can help you tap into their potential to enhance productivity, attract prosperity, and foster overall well-being. Consultation with a Vastu expert in Kolkata is a good idea in lead a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

To know more about the other energy fields of the vastu purush mandala. In case any portion of the vastu is cut or extended, it causes an imbalance of the features of it. It is best to let an expert vastu consultant in Kolkata evaluate your property to get best result. Description- In this blog vastu consultant in Kolkata shares the names of all 16 energy fields that lie in the north and east sides of vastu.

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