Top 10 Ongoing Projects by EXSIM Group in Malaysia

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If you are actively searching properties to buy in Malaysia, you must have heard of EXSIM group before. EXSIM is one of the Top Developers in Malaysia where they have won numerous awards and built a good reputation with their existing projects in Kuala Lumpur. As compared with many other properties such as Armani Residence Raja Uda KLCC, M Vertica by Mah Sing, EXSIM is well-known for its good quality work and great facilities maintenance.

1.     D’ Veladaz: Embracing Community Living

D’Veladaz Residences, rooted in the essence of social wellbeing, aims to cultivate a sense of belonging within its community. Named after the Spanish term for ‘evening party,’ the development focuses on creating a space that encourages engagement and connectivity among residents. Through innovative designs integrating architecture and landscaping, Veladaz offers lifestyle apartments and themed spaces, nurturing long-term social wellbeing.

2.     Hugoz Suites @KLCC: Epitome of Elegance

A cosmopolitan icon amidst KL City Centre, Hugoz Suites stands as a symbol of class and sophistication. Its cutting-edge modern design harmonizes with the vibrant surroundings, offering residents a luxurious lifestyle. The striking facade mirrors the residence’s chic persona, attracting individuals seeking a life brimming with opulence and vibrancy.

3.     D’Tessera Residences: Harmony of Art and Nature

Inspired by mosaic artistry, D’Tessera Residences showcases an architectural facade reflecting the beauty of mosaic masterpieces. The design harmoniously integrates with a natural stone cliff and waterfall, symbolizing the seamless coexistence of modernity and nature. Thoughtful design choices evoke a balanced fusion between man-made and natural elements.

4.     D’Terra Residences: Tribute to Earth’s Beauty

Embracing philosopher George Santayana’s wisdom, D’Terra Residences pays homage to the earth’s captivating marvels. This development draws inspiration from the planet’s awe-inspiring wonders, aiming to connect residents with nature’s allure. It symbolises a tribute to nature’s splendour, embracing the earth’s beauty in its architectural concept.

5.     D’Clover Residences: Surrounded by Greenery

Drawing inspiration from the symbolism of the four-leaf clover, D’Clover Residences is nestled amid lush greenery, both natural and man-made. Enclosed by a natural hill and forest landscape, the development seamlessly merges with a meandering linear park and beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a serene environment.

6.     D’Vine Residences: Aspiring Heights

Inspired by the resilient nature of vines reaching skyward, D’Vine Residences embodies a vision of upward growth and endurance. The architectural design features linear, vertical lines rising towards the sky, symbolising an unending pursuit of growth and resilience.

7.     The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square: Embracing Ipoh’s Heritage

Reflecting the rich heritage of Ipoh, The Stallionz @ Ipoh White Times Square pays homage to the city’s history and culture. This development seeks to revive and preserve Ipoh’s unique elements while embracing modernity, offering a tribute to the city’s captivating narrative.

8.     Paxtonz: Neoclassical Elegance

Paxtonz, a towering Neoclassical-inspired building, stands majestically amidst the North Petaling Jaya skyline. Its grandeur and dramatic design, characterised by geometric forms and arches, exude an aura of luxury and splendour.

9.     D’Ivo Residences: Reflecting Riverside Tranquility

Taking cues from the adjacent riverscape, D’Ivo Residences @ Old Klang Road mirrors the flow of the river in its design. Horizontal lines signify the river’s swiftness, while vertical lines emulate river vegetation, creating a harmonious blend of architecture and nature.

10.  The Fiddlewoodz @KL Metropolis: Symphony of Nature and Travel

A convergence of nature and travel spirit, The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis orchestrates a harmonious environment. Inspired by a musical instrument and nature’s blooming tree, it aims to synthesise various elements into an extraordinary living space, offering residents a unique experience.

These developments by EXSIM Group represent a diverse array of innovative designs and concepts, each catering to distinct lifestyles while fostering a sense of community and harmony within their surroundings.

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