An In-depth Review of the Global First CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel

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Every gear matters in the rapidly evolving world of eSports and simulation racing. And when it comes to immersiveness and a realistic feel behind the wheel, nothing quite trumps the experience delivered by a premium direct drive steering wheel.

You should enter the CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel, touted as the Global First, in direct-drive offerings. It promises to deliver an unparalleled immersive racing sensation. This article will present a comprehensive review, focusing on the specific features that set the CAMMUS C5 Direct drive steering wheel apart from the competition.

Built for Immersion: Hardware Components

Known for its innovative design and top-notch functionality, the CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel houses some of the best hardware components for an unrivaled user experience.

  • Fan Screw: CAMMUS employs M3*16 fan screws for superior durability and structural integrity, ensuring a secure installation that can withstand rigorous and long hours of intense gaming.
  • Combination Screw, Cross Head: The racing wheel also includes a combination screw for versatility. These black cross-head screws add to the aesthetic appeal and design sophistication while enabling easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Power Adapter: A highly efficient power adapter reinforces the overall performance of the CAMMUS C5. At 19V / 7.35A, the power adapter ensures seamless operation, powering the device reliably for extended racing simulation sessions.
  • Power Cable: Including a 2-meter power cable, CAMMUS C5 does not restrict your gaming setup. You can choose your positioning comfortably without worrying about proximity to the power source. It is a vital feature for gamers who value a flexible setup.
  • Square Port USB Cable: This CAMMUS wheel is similar to the power cable. The wheel includes a 2-meter square port USB cable. It grants a greater range of movement and placement of the steering wheel, facilitating versatile gaming environments.

Enhanced Usability: Accompanying Tools

Complementing the key hardware, the CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel includes useful tools for easy setup, maintenance, and adjustments.

  • Phillips Screwdriver: The package comes with a cross-head Phillips screwdriver, enabling quick, hassle-free assembly and facilitating any changes you might need for your setup’s optimal comfort and utility.
  • Allen Wrench: An accompanying 4mm Allen wrench simplifies adjustments of the gaming setup and maintenance of the steering wheel.


We hope we guided you well onthe CAMMUS direct drive. Enhancing the racing simulation experience with remarkable hardware and thoughtful inclusions like the 3*75 cross Phillips screwdriver and 4mm Allen wrench, the Global First CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel is truly a force to be reckoned with in the realm of direct-drive steering wheels.

The product comes with robust CAMMUS racing components, as we mentioned in the above mentioned post. It ensures dependable operation and expandable gaming setup options. And it is paired with an easy assembly and a flexible setup, it offers immense value to all sim racers, aspirational or professional. Indeed, the CAMMUS C5 is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality gaming experiences.

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